Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Old & The New

As a rule, when one of my children asks what I want for Christmas (or birthday), I make modest noises of the "whatever you think I'll like" or "surprise me" ilk.

Not this year. This year I wanted eye candy and so I asked for and received this

Lovely, lovely, lovely. I might even make something from it!

My ESP must have been spot on target because my oldest daughter gave me this:

If you are a woman of a certain level of maturity (i.e. NOT an old lady but a foxy chick who has already been around the block a few times), YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK!

Here is my list of knitting projects from 2006:

  1. Beret in alpaca from stash

  2. Clapotis in Woolease from stash

  3. Ponchedtte in Gedifra Flamme from stash

  4. Clapotis in lace-weight from stash

  5. 2 ball-band washcloths

  6. Fair Isle vest for DH

  7. Alpaca lace scarf from stash

  8. Highland Shawl in Blackwater Abbey yarn from stash

  9. Oregon vest in Wendy Aran from stash

  10. Two hats in Red Heart Soft (orange/rust for me, blue tweed for DH)

  11. Yarn Harlot's Snowdrop Shawl in Jaeger Zephyrfrom stash

  12. One sock (the other is half-finished) in Regia from stash

  13. Three dish cloths

Projects begun in 2007

  1. Top-down raglan in Bernat Denim from stash

Although the stash-busting list looks impressive, it is a mere drop in the bucket. Over Christmas, however, my oldest daughter and I cleaned out one of my storage cupboards, and I sent her off with a huge garbage bag full of yarn. She crochets. Scarves. That's it. She does, however, want to branch out into other garments (but not other crafts; she does know how to knit but does not enjoy it). So I am looking for books/magazines that might be interesting to a bohemian-minded, intellectual 24-year-old. I am not much of a crochet person (except for doilies and table cloths). Suggestions are welcomed.

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