Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Gang of Three

I may have already mentioned that I live in a testosterone-rich household. Three male humans, three male dogs, myself, and one daughter (who is seldom at home except to sleep, shower, and change clothes).

The male humans are not much of a problem. However, the dogs are really a handful. We refer to them as "The Boys". Here they are in one of their quieter poses.

Their names are Micky (the big boy), Franklin (in the foreground), and Brando (little guy in the back). Micky is a big (very big, like over 90 lbs) bundle of family-only love (you do not, however, want to get him pissed off at you). Franklin is has the sweetest temper of the three, always happy, always wagging his tail, loves a good cuddle, a weird-looking little guy of such uncertain parentage that we sometimes refer to him as Franken-Dog. He and Micky are best friends, and love to play together.

Brando, in contrast, is apart and aloof, more than a bit snotty, and very self-assured that he is the best looking dog of the three (which he is). He is a bossy, snarly, snappy little SOB. He can be unexpectedly endearing, like this morning when I found him asleep in a basket of laundry.

Back on the knitting front, in the never-ending quest to use up stash, I finished the Oregon Vest from Oat Couture (in Wendy Aran, which I bought years and years ago). I admit to being gauge-impaired, but, really, I did measure and measure and swatched and swatched, and the damn thing is too big. I WILL NOT RIP IT OUT. I plan to experiment with a swatch or two to see if I can felt it down slightly (it is a blend and might not felt at all). If not, I will find someone who fits it.

A pleasure to report is the hat from the Fall Knitters. It came out lovely, very comfortable, very flattering. I used Red Heart Soft, which I got on sale at Michaels.

Next up on the needles is the Pacific Northwest Shawl in Jaeger Zephyr, in a lovely soft medium grey shade. I made this once before and gave it away as a gift. Beautiful pattern (with no errors!), great fun to make, spectacular garment.