Thursday, March 23, 2006

The first post is always the most difficult

Lame blog title, I know, but this is my first foray into writing in years (except for the technical stuff I do for business). "Deep South Knitter" was chosen in a moment of sheer panic (Omygod, they want a title for the page!). In all fairness, it is also a tribute (sort of) to all the generations of southern women I descend from who had to knit, weave, spin, sew, cook, can, and otherwise provide everything their families ate, wore, walked on, and slept under. I do not have these ambitions. I just like to knit, occasionally crochet, and sew (a rare event these days).

My current goal is to make a serious inroad into the stash that I did not realize had become so incredibly overwhelming. I used to keep everything nicely stored in our trailer -- out of sight, out of mind, and very easy to add things to. This was also my sewing and ironing room. However, we sold it, and I had to clear everything out. I was rudely confronted by the enormity of my fiber-greed, a most sobering experience, and not a little embarrassing given the snide comments from my son and daughter who had to carry everything into the garage. I had to publicly promise that there would be NO TRIPS TO STITCHES WEST or any other yarn source until it is whittled down to a handful of unfinished projects.

So, currently on the needles:
  • A pair of socks in Regia in dark blue with thin stripes in 4 colors (purchased in Hamburg 2 years ago)
  • A "ponchette" in Gedifra Flamme Couture in a lovely chocolate brown (also purchased in Hamburg -- a real score at 1 Euro per ball, hope I have enough because I will probably never find any more)
  • The ever-present novelty-yarn scarf