Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Favorite

I finished the pullover in Bernat Denim from stash. The pattern is called "The Magic Raglan", originally published in Threads Magazine (back when they still had a knitting section in every issue), later reprinted in Handknitting Techniques from Threads. I must have done this pattern at least 10 times over the years for various members of the family. It is the world's easiest thing to make fit, it almost knits itself, and is the best of mindless knitting. I have worn it constantly since weaving in the last loose end. Sooo comfortable, fits perfectly.

Now on the needles is a lace scarf in the "Liesel" pattern from somewhere on the web (don't ask me where, I printed it out a long time ago). Easy enough, but the yarn is frustrating to knit with. Douceur et Soie (from stash) is lovely, soft, very luxurious, but a real bugger. I have to work very slowly. Here is progress so far. I know I have made and could not correct at least two major mistakes, which is maddening since I have knit this thing before, and the pattern is not exactly the most difficult thing on earth. I am determined to finish and get these two balls of yarn out of my stash. Then I will feel that I have earned -- no, DESERVE -- the chance to use the two balls of cashmere that I have been dreaming about.

I have to post some more gratitude, if I can think of anything. I have been feeling most ungrateful for the past few days.

Oh yeah, I ordered two books yesterday from Amazon:


They will be shipped in the middle of February (the Merton book will not be in print until then), so I will have something to look forward to. Catholic spirituality and monasticism are a special fascination for me, a little odd as
  1. I am a married woman with children
  2. I (still) really like sex
  3. I was raised to be a hard-assed, evangelical, gospel-music-loving, southern Baptist
  4. I am still very much a highly-opinionated free thinker

God does, indeed, move in mysterious ways.

Perhaps these are not the issues that I need to confront.

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