Friday, February 27, 2009

Catching Up

Dear Friends

I did not drop off the edge of the earth. Actually, there has been a bunch of things happening in Deep South Land. Not that they are all that exciting, but I haven't been hiding under a rock, either.

Here is the short version, in no particular chronological order:

1. DH was hospitalized with his 3rd case of pneumonia, along with some rather alarming mistakes in medication
2. DS#3 now has his learner's permit to drive
3. DH finally bit the bullit and decided to accept my offer of a kidney
4. Deep South Knitter has been having a lovely time being evaluated as a kidney donor; next step is COLONOSCOPY (I can hardly wait)
5. DD#1 gave me Mason Dixon Knitting #2 for my birthday (love it)
6. DD#2 gave me Lace Knitting in Estonia for Christmas (love it)
7. DH gifted us with a 42" television just before Christmas, and this baby is now located in the livingroom, which has been very handy since DH is still getting me up in the middle of the night most nights, and this gives me something to do while I knit at 3 AM.
8. Knitting keeps me sane. Whiskey is also useful.
9. DH wanted to give me a new watch for my birthday. Instead I drove him to the yarn store and asked him to buy me some lace-weight alpaca, and he did (lovely, lovely, lovely).
10. I found a copy of Nursery Rhyme Knits at the local Dollar Store -- yes, it was $1.00. And yes, I bought it.
11. We had to upgrade our cell phones just before Christmas. Santa got me a Blackberry. Very, very cool.
12. I am doing a lot of knitting. List and pictures will follow in a later post.