Friday, July 14, 2006

Three Eventful Months

Hmmm. When I published the latest message, I made changes to reflect today's date. However, I noticed, after it was published, that it still was dated June 18, which might cause some confusion since I also wanted to strike the month of July from the calendar.

Here is the short version of what has happened in the past 3 months:

May 01: Death of MIL
May 09: Flight to Hamburg for funeral.
May 17: Return to California
May 22: Death of very close friend from cancer
June 03: Dear husband has a heart attack.
June 08: Death of young man who is close friend of oldest daughter -- he was right down the hall from my husband, so we were rushing back and forth for several days
June 09: Dear husband has triple bypass surgery
June 15: Dear husband comes home from the hospital
June 18: Dear husband returns to hospital with congestive heart failure, pneumonia, and diarrhea.
June 21: We are informed that he has been definitively diagnosed (we had already had a partial diagnosis of this) with polycystic kidney disease and renal failure. Dialysis is the only treatment until he qualifies for transplant.
June 22: DH has surgery to install a fistula in his right arm and catheter in his chest
June 23: First dialysis performed in hospital and then discharged to come home again. Dialysis to be done 3 times/week.
July 10: Re-admitted to hospital after falling and banging head on cement outside of dialysis center. There is a problem with the blood pressure, which falls into his shoes whenever he stands up.
July 11: Back home again to continue recuperation and dealing with the depression, meds issues, weight-loss (i.e. he has lost 30 pounds in less than 1 month, so extremely weak), and to start the process of looking for a kidney to transplant.

It has NOT been fun, dear friends, not fun at all.

Throughout all this, ther HAS been some knitting going on, which will be described in future posts.