Saturday, July 15, 2006

Actual Knitting content

Leaving behind the exciting soap-opera of my current so-called life, I hereby present you with real, live, actual, honest-to-God knitting. Like most of my needle-oriented friends, without knitting my fashion statement would probably consist of a complete set of lovely which jackets -- you know the ones with the extra-long sleeves. And, since I have spent uncounted hours sitting in hospital ICUs, ERs, surgery- and cardiac-recovery rooms, not to mention 3 afternoons per week in the dialysis clinic, there has been a whole lot of kntting going on.

My inaugural first post mentioned three projects, socks (there are always socks on the needles), a ponchette, and scarf (always have a scarf, too).

Here is the ponchette. It looks wierd stretched out on the blanket, but when I out it on, it is really cool. Pattern came from the Berocco website (where it is called the Asar Ponchette). In a lot of ways it was boooring -- garter stitch throughout. And the pattern was not user-friendly, so I had to re-write it to make any sense of it. In addition, the pattern has no schematic, so it was really easy to miss a mistake in the original, and I had to rip out most of the finished garment and start again. Those who have known me for a long time will be surprised at my fortitude -- in the past I have tossed things into the trash rather than repeat the tedium of ripping and reknitting, especially garter stitch, which is definitely not my favorite type of knitting.

Scarf project: I really tried to avoid the clapotis. I did not like to look of it at, the drop-stitch thing totally did not imprint on my imagination, I refused to even consider it.

However, I read the post about it (and saw the pictures) by Left Coast Knitter, checked my stash, and thought, Weeeeellll, maybe I have a use for all that Woolease I bought years ago. Let's give it a try.

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