Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More Knitting

Just a gallery of what I have finished in the past year.

1. Done really a long, long time ago -- like around 30 years -- but my DH still loves and wears it. My first fair isle. Complete with DD2 and Brando.
2. A more recent fair isle for DH, from Philosophers Wool. Really a fabulous design. Great pattern. Gets really tedious about half-way through. Does it get worn? Get real -- we live in California. But it make a great cushion for the back of the rocking chair.

3. Alpaca Beret4. Alpaca Scarf5. More Scarves in various novelty yarns (fun, fun, mindlessness)
6. The every-present sock. I can knit these in my sleep. I always do socks top down. I tried the toe up method but could never get the foot the right length or the heel in the right place, so I stick to old tried-and-true. I even still use the size one aluminum needles I bought to make my first ever pair of socks, still use the original pattern that I learned on.