Thursday, January 03, 2008

And So A New Year Begins

I had every intention of wishing all of you out there in cyberland a Happy New Year. And Good Riddance to the Old One. Please accept my belated good wishes.
Christmas Eve was a blast at our house. It was only immediate, live-in family, so we had a pleasant dinner in our most comfortable clothes, listened to music, and talked a lot.

At around10 PM we put out a snack for Santa and the reindeer

and in the blink of an eye we found this --

Santa made this an entertainment Christmas

And he also reminded me that I need to put in a little more effort into my housekeeping by bringing me a new mop (I am not making this up, it was under the tree).

We intended to go to Midnight Mass at our parish church but, instead, attended Midnight Mass at the Vatican. Christmas Day DD#1 came and ...well, let's just say that I intend to spend Christmas Day someplace else in the future. Like Arizona. Or Texas. Or Baghdad. Somewhere peaceful with no recriminations, no bad feelings, no frosty silences.

On New Year's Eve we went to a friend's house and drank champagne with them at 10 PM (they correctly figured that we would probably not make it to midnight).

I hope to make 2008 a better year than the last one.

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