Friday, September 07, 2007

Bunch O' FO's

The past month has not been all that busy, but I have spent most of it holed up under a rock. My mother and daddy always taught me that feeling depressed and moody was part of life at times, but to fall prey to it was pure self-indulgence. Well, sometimes you have to indulge yourself. So I did. Or, rather DIDN'T -- go anywhere, that is, or call anyone, or do much of anything, or even want to.

That having been said, I do have a few small knitting items to report on.

#1. Lavender dishrag in Sugar & Cream

#2. Green face cloth in Knitpicks Cotlin (which knits up very nicely)

#3. Almost finished the 2nd sock

#4. Continuing the Faux Russian Shawl, I am half-way through the 4th repeat. There are supposed to be 5 1/2 repeats. 96 rows per repeat. By the end, there will be 526 rows in the body of the shawl. A lot of shawl. This is how long it is right now, unblocked, unstretched, just lying across the dining table:

The bottom edging is knit first, your turn the corner, pick up stitches for the body, and everything works up from there.

The shawl has some nice detailing in the center

Side edge trim is knitted as the beginning and end of each row

#5 Finally, the greatest FO of all:

I present to you Armand James Paul Hetzer


Adrienne said...

WOW! That is one MAJOR FO!!! LOL, beautiful baby!

Jeannie said...

Thank you very much! However, I cannot take credit for AJ. I am only the proud Granny. My son and his wife (daughter-in-law is holding the baby) adopted him. Yesterday. The child holding the bottle is my beautiful granddaughter Charlotte, who is thrilled to the core to have a baby brother.

POPT said...

Congratulations! I'm glad you finally crawled out from under your rock. I've been wondering where you were.

Ceallach said...

You can absolutely take credit for him....after all, your child birthed him and you birthed him....grandmothers' should be that proud since their DNA is in there as well!

Congratulations on coming up for air. Now bring yerslef back to knit night.....Of course, I am in
Boston next week, but you don't need me.

Oh, and besides I have some beautiful hot pinkish red linen for you to knit!!!

Jeannie said...

I guess I was not too clear about this. My children adopted this precious child, so my DNA is not part of the equation. Of course Granny's high intelligence, creativity, compassion, and extraordinary good looks will, of course, be a prime influence on AJ's developement, as everybody knows that these extremely vital traits are not only passed via chromosomes but also through the air, from Granny to grandchildren.

You are right -- I really need to get myself back to knit night.

I gotta see that linen!!!