Friday, August 17, 2007

Another FO

Finally. Shapely Tank II is done. Pictures later, perhaps. Or looks just like the green one only red. What was interesting about this one was that the row gauge was quite different from the green one, so I ended up with 16 fewer rows to knit, which was nice because I was thoroughly sick of it by finishing time. I hate making the same thing twice.

Lat night I went to a play. I haven't gone to a play in years. My friend and neighbor invited me to see The Triumph of Love at the California Shakespeare Festival Theater. This play was written in the 1630's in France and is a sort-of typical French comedy of errors love story. I would outline the plot, but it is too complicated to describe. To be honest, I wasn't really expecting to enjoy it very much, but the production was wickedly funny, and we laughed like loons. In addition, we were celebrating the birthdays of my friend's mother and sister-in-law, so we came in on back-stage pass tickets, which included wine and appetizers on arrival, question and answer visit with two of the actors, back stage tour, and a "picnic" boxed dinner (surprisingly tasty).

Twp picnic tables over I spotted A KNITTER! Delightful woman making a lace T in gorgeous yarn. Naturally, I had to introduce myself, fondle her fiber, and mention our local knitting group.

All in all a very satisfying evening.

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Ceallach said...

No need to outline the plot as we saw it last week. It was hilarious and a well-needed bright spot in a season kicked off with Richard 3 and ended on King Lear.

I did not knit at the last one though because I was too tired and more than a little um, well, lit.

I am an even cheaper date than when DH met me, but hey now I get season theater tickets.....

Oh, and after the show, DH and I parked and then were erm, questioned by the police.....just like we were teenagers. I bet the fact that I was over age was disappointing for the officer.