Monday, October 09, 2006

Comfort Zones

There are certain parts of my house that I retreat to for comfort. The most frequently occupied area is my workspace. In this tiny corner I have my beloved desk (inherited from a great uncle with whom I shared a birthday), laptop, knitting baskets, and crates and baskets for files, books, DVDs and other stuff. It is in a corner of the dining room, right next to the fireplace. I sit here in the wee hours of the morning, when I cannot sleep, watch old movies, and knit or work on my computer.

My other comfort zone is the bookcase that has my knitting and other books. Note the strategically-placed chair and lamp. I do not knit here, I only read.

Here are the knitting shelves. Knitting books are not confined to this space, they can be found scattered all over the house'

This is only one of at least 10 book cases areas in our house. In my humble opinion, you cannot have too many books.


Janet said...

Hey, stranger!
I sent a comment on a post a few days ago. It was your first post after a month of not posting. Did it ever go through? How are things with DH and Dr. D?

Knitter 56 said...

Hey, Janet, no I did not get your other comment. Great to hear from you!!! I wanted to go to Knitting Group tonight but not possible. DH is still impatient (big surprise?) to reduce dialysis to 1 day per week. Labs are stable (no worse but no better, either), so Dr D says stay at 2 days until we see some change. However, we are having some problems with blood pressure and some medication issues. Keep in touch!