Monday, August 28, 2006

Papa Time

You might also call this Grandpa Time, but DH made it abundantly clear that there is only one Grandpa in our family, and that is my dad (who is pushing 95 but suffers from dementia, poor sweet man, doesn't recognize anyone any more). So what do you call a male grandparent who does not want to be grandpa? Well, in my southern family you call him Papa. In this case, Papa Nick (so as not to be confused with Papa Paul, the other grandparent). Papa Nick likes this. I guess it has a kind of pater familias ring to it, which appeals to his German control-freak nature. And I also guess that he feels younger than he would if he were called GRANDPA NICK. We all have strict orders not to use this in his hearing ( HAH!! -- GRANDPA NICK, GRANDPA NICK, GRANDPA NICK -- that was fun, if a little childish).

Now, I myself have no objection to being called Granny. There has always been a Granny in my family. My mother was Grandma to my kids, but my dad's mother was Granny. She passed almost 25 years ago, and after that there were no grannys in the family until it was my turn to step up to the grandparent plate. I voluntarily -- no, proudly -- took up the Granny mantle and title.

Should I change my blog name? Perhaps call it Deep South Granny? Knitter Granny? Granny's Two Sticks Hell-on-Wheels? Are we getting a little silly here?

Speaking of Knitting...I finally wove in the ends and blocked my Clapotis. Even in lace weight yarn and size 2 needles, it is wonderfully long:

Detail of the stitch pattern (sorry about the blur):

In the immortal words of my late DMIL -- Sehr elegant.


Janet said...

It's about time you posted again!
What's going on with Papa Nick and the rest of the crowd?

Knitter 56 said...

Hey, Janet! Good to hear from you!!!! We are still chugging along. We (i.e. "I") are in the process of cleaning out the office that we own at Two Worlds. 22 years of paper, files, other stuff. Painters are supposed to come in at the end of the week, then I clean the carpets, and we can start showing to potential buyers. Not much knitting going on as a result. I will post in the near future, I hope. Dialysis is down to twice weekly, but we are enxious to see the latest labs to see if all is OK.