Monday, May 22, 2006

Pictures? We don't need no stinkin' pictures

After a really great start (OK, so it wasn't great, just tentatively enthusiastic), it occured to me that I do not have a digital camera. My husband has a camera. My friends have cameras. My cell phone has a camera! I, alas, do not. I am continually charmed by the lovely, lovely photos of everyone else's work, to the point of becoming inhibited about posting desriptions of my own. This, however, is about to change!

On May 9 I flew to Hamburg, Germany, for a funeral (more about that in a different posting). And my sweety lent/gave me his old camera, charger, and software for the trip. WELL, possession being 9/10th of the law, I assume that this baby is now mine to use until he remembers, which will probaby never happen.

Plans. Oh, baby do I have plans!